Gradient easing and optical illusions in iOSbranches

By Jacob Jennings

There’s this optical illusion called the Mach Bands effect. Basically, it exaggerates our perception of the hard lines at the ends of linear gradients. Eased gradients tend to look better.

Introducing HTGradientEasing: easily add smooth easing to CAGradientLayers. It is a combination of the exhaustive collection of easing functions provided by the AHEasing project and a color mixer, UIColor+CrossFade.

Demo project in action


A category on CAGradientLayer is provided with the interface:

- (void)setEasedGradientColors:(NSArray *)colors
                     locations:(NSArray *)locations

Colors must be UIColors, and locations NSNumbers in [0,1]. A great variety of easing functions may be passed (quintic/sine/quadratic ease in/out/inout etc)


[gradientLayer setEasedGradientColors:@[[UIColor redColor], [UIColor blueColor]]
                            locations:@[@0, @1]

Use it? Love/hate it?

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Written by Jacob Jennings

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