By Jon Sibley

Eating your own dog food is often the best way to identify weak points in your product. In our case at HotelTonight, that means using the app regularly to book hotel rooms, just as our customers do.

Through doing so, we found ourselves wanting to use hotel’s address in another app (the Notes app), but with no way to copy it to the clipboard. It quickly occurred to us that every address should be copyable on the app.

We piggybacked on iOS’s already-established convention of long pressing on text to bring up the copy menu. We’ve since implemented it on every street address that appears in the iPhone and iPad apps.

HTCopyableLabel in action

After some inspiration from this NSHipster post, we are happy to announce that we’ve open sourced this component as HTCopyableLabel.

We hope you find it useful!

Written by Jon Sibley

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